• ● Sawing
  • High speed cutting line covering diameters up to 11". Bandsaw capabilities for larger diameters up to 18".
  • ● Phosphating
  • Fully automated in-house phosphate coating capabilities.

More detailed pipe profiling and laser cutting services can be arranged to support clients who prefer to minimize any subsequent manufacturing and cutting operations prior to fabricating the steel tubular product.

Phosphating is a chemical process widely used on metal parts, either as a stand-alone barrier coating or a primer under other coatings such as Xylan, metalizing or Teflon. Phosphate coating services are typically performed for enhanced wear and corrosion resistance, improved lubricity, and better adhesion of subsequent organic coatings or paint. Applied to threaded parts, followed by an oil top coat, phosphate coating adds anti-galling and rust inhibiting characteristics.

Phosphating is a commonly used metal surface treatment or pretreatment process that involves a reaction between the metal surface of a part being coated and a chemical solution applied, either by spraying or immersion. In this conversion coating process, a diluted solution of phosphoric acid and phosphate salts chemically react with the metal surface to form a uniform, protective layer of non-metallic crystalline coating. Various factors such as the cleaning process, a properly maintained phosphating solution, and how the solution is applied control results.